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How Entries on Reimbursement Forms Could Lead to Forgery Charges

In July of 2019, a university recruiter was accused of stealing nearly $40,000 from the school where he worked by submitting altered invoices. The man traveled across the country and all over the world to recruit students to the university. He paid for many of his expenses out of pocket and would submit forms for advancements or reimbursements.

Investigators claimed that the recruiter had submitted at least 35 invoices that contained falsified information. They had also identified additional documentation that they believed was altered but was unable to verify with merchants and vendors whether the amounts were authentic.

The man was arrested in July of 2019 and was charged with one count of forgery in addition to other offenses.

What Is Forgery?

In Tennessee, a person commits forgery when they attempt to defraud another person or entity for their own gain.

Specifically, under Tennessee Code 39-14-114, this offense includes instances when a person alters any piece of writing to make it seem like the document was created:

  • By someone else who did not actually authorize it;
  • At a different time or date than it was; or
  • As a copy when an original document did not exist

Additionally, a person could be charged with this offense if they falsify entries in books or records, disseminate any writing that was forged, or possess a fake document with the intent to transfer it to someone else.

Forgery is charged as a theft crime and is never lower than a Class E felony. Punishments for this offense include jail time and steep fines.

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