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What Is Enhanced Sentencing?

After a person is convicted of a crime, a judge will order a sentence. The type of penalty issued depends on the punishments specified by the laws concerning the offense. Typically, statutes have a range of penalties, and the judge can decide on sentencing based on that range. For example, for a first time DUI conviction, a person can face 48 hours to 11 months in prison and $350 to $1,500 in fines. It is at the judge’s discretion to impose a specific jail term and fine amount.

Aggravating Factors and Enhanced Sentencing

Based on a number of factors, the judge may decide, or may be required to, impose enhanced sentencing on the convicted individual. That means jail time and/or fines can increase based on the specific circumstances of the offense.

Aggravating factors can include:

  • Wielding or using a deadly weapon during the commission of a crime
  • Causing serious bodily injury or death to a victim
  • Prior convictions for the same offense

Returning to the DUI example, if a person is convicted of their second DUI offense, the penalties increase. Whereas the first resulted in a minimum jail sentence of 48 hours and a minimum fine of $360, the second conviction will result in a minimum jail term of 45 days and a minimum fine of $600.

If a person committed their first DUI offense but injured another individual, both the level of offense and sentence are enhanced. A conviction for vehicular assault is a felony punishable by 2 to 12 years in jail.

Mitigating Factors and Reduced Sentencing

In some circumstances, a judge can consider mitigating factors – those that work in the defendant’s favor – to decide to reduce sentencing. Within 12 days of the judge’s initial sentencing order, the defendant must file a motion to reduce the penalties. If the court decides to issue a reduction, it cannot go below the minimum requirements for the offense.

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