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Coronavirus Impacts on Court Cases

You Shouldn’t Be Punished If It’s Out of Your Control

The current global landscape is experiencing trying times, and we understand how the COVID-19 public health crisis is impacting communities around the world. Every day we are learning of new stories and restrictions across our nation and take these matters seriously as they affect our utmost priority: you.

Thankfully, there is a bright side. Our team at Eldridge and Cravens, PC is not deterred from working tirelessly to serve you. Our clients’ well-being remains crucial regardless of the unexpected circumstances we’re facing. We are well-equipped to tackle the unforeseen and see no challenge in continuing to do so.

You’re probably wondering how this crisis could affect your case. The Supreme Court of Tennessee has ordered a suspension of all in-person judicial proceedings through March 31st with some exceptions for certain cases. This means that unless your case falls under their list of exceptions, you may experience delays in your right to a fair and speedy trial. To combat this, we will advocate for reduced bond or pre-trial release for our clients who may be affected.

We pursue the highest ethical standards in our practice, so we will champion your case in the absence of regular courthouse routines due to this pandemic. Let’s get to work:

  • When we argue for a pretrial release, we are attempting to increase your likelihood of facing a better outcome during your trial because our team has more time to strategize the best methods of navigating your case.
  • Bonds are various conditions of pretrial release that allow you to remain out of custody while your case is pending with the court. Reducing your monetary or nonmonetary bond increases your likelihood of being granted a pretrial release.
  • Our team will honor your case with the greatest care, working to reduce your bond in the hopes of achieving your pretrial release.

Challenging times call for aggressive measures, and your experienced team here at Eldridge and Cravens, PC isn’t afraid to examine every possible detail required to bring justice to your case.

Contact us to learn about what actions we can take to ease your situation.