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Can I Work as a Rideshare Driver With a DUI?

A Poor Driving Record Could Complicate Your Quest for a Side Gig

Apps like Uber and Lyft have given users a chance to get from point A to point B with unprecedented ease, while simultaneously offering those looking to earn some extra cash a lucrative side hustle. There is no shortage of work if you’re looking to take advantage of the world’s growing dependence on rideshare apps – unless you have a recent DUI on your record.

Can I Drive for Uber with a DUI?

Drivers can seek work with Uber by filling out an application and undergoing a background check. This background check is conducted by a third party provider and focuses on driving records, violent crimes, and sexual offenses. It looks at records from courthouses, criminal databases, the National Sex Offender Registry. For those with a DUI conviction on their record, a career with Uber may not be immediately possible.

Uber prohibits anyone with a DUI conviction within the last seven years from driving for the app. Additionally, an applicant in the United States must have:

  • No more than three traffic violations in the past three years
  • No reckless driving offenses in the past seven years
  • No speeding violations of 20 miles over the posted speed limit in the past three years
  • Three years of experience driving in the country

If your DUI case was dismissed, you may be able to drive for Uber without waiting for seven years, but you will need to prepare proof to defend your case.

Can I Drive for Lyft with a DUI?

Lyft outlines even more requirements for those looking to drive for their app. Lyft drivers must have:

  • No more than three minor traffic violations, such as speeding, in the past three years
  • No major traffic violations, such as reckless driving, in the past three years
  • No DUI or drug-related driving offense in the past seven years
  • No driving-related felonies, such as vehicular assault, in the past seven years

If you or a loved one have been charged with a drunk driving offense, aggressive legal defense is essential. Eldridge and Cravens, PC, PC can fight to protect your freedom and future earning potential. Call us today to discuss your case during a free initial consultation: (865) 544-2010.