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TN Could Pardon Marijuana Crimes: Here’s What You Should Know

President Joe Biden has announced his intention to pardon those prosecuted for federal marijuana offenses and encouraged state leaders to follow suit. However, Tennessee legislators may be pushing back which could be a roadblock to those in prison for marijuana crimes.

The Proposal

President Biden has committed to pardoning thousands of individuals convicted of simple possession of marijuana according to federal law. This would be a significant step toward marijuana decriminalization and could lead to government recognition of race and criminal prosecution.

It is important to note that no one is in federal prison for simple possession alone, but for those who have served their sentences, this could help them get back rights and privileges promised to all. Potential recipients must acquire proof a pardon to show to employers, property owners, and anyone who may disqualify an applicant for prior convictions.

The implementation of this pardon is still in progress.

Tennessee Response

When questioned by news media, Gov. Bill Lee responded through a spokesperson, “We’re not considering this in Tennessee.”

While the Governor is clear on his intention to not support this pardon at the state level, other lawmakers are pushing for change. Local grassroots organizations are also pushing for a pardon or decriminalization of any kind in the near future.

Memphis appears to be an island in the local efforts toward decriminalization and has discussed numerous efforts to support future initiatives. However, the state has a long way to go before minor marijuana possession is either pardoned or decriminalized at the state level.

Protecting Your Rights

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